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Comic Book Slumber Party is an award nominated anthology showcasing comics from female identifying, non-binary, and trans creators. Our mission is to tell stories as bad ass as we are!

The yellow dog? She's Greasy - our potty mouthed mascot and spirit animal. She doesn't take shit from anyone and is working on giving up her smoking habit. Starting tomorrow. Maybe.

We organise events and workshops and curate books and anthologies that feature exciting comic talent. 

Our titles include:

Fairytales For Bad Bitches (nominated for Best Book at the 2015 British Comic Awards) by Lucie Ebrey, Lize Meddings, Sarah Burgess, Alice Urbino, Emma Carlisle, Enoki, and Stephanie Ayres, Jenn Woodall, and Becca Tobin (2014)

Hotel World by Becca Tobin (2015)

Greasy's Guide To Nookie by Lottie Pencheon, Lizzy Stewart, Eleni Kalorkoti, Wai Wai Pang, Jess Milton, Julia Scheele and Sarah Broadhurst, Mathilde Vangheluwe, and Justine Sparlat, Chloe Moore, and Alice Urbino (2015)

Deep Space Canine (nominated for Outstanding Anthology at the 2017 Ignatz Awards) by Beth Wood, Honey Parast, Lucy Haslam, Jenn Woodall, Becca Tobin, Lize Meddings, and Katriona Chapman (2017)

Escape from Bitch Mountain (TBA)

Hannah K Chapman founded CBSP in 2012 and was joined Alice Urbino 2015 . Greasy was designed by Donya Todd in 2012.